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World-first Cloud-Based Slider Eco System


Unleash the Beast

Ultimate heavy duty motion controller powered by unmatched mobile application controller

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Multiple Locations with a Single Click

No more need to create the same motion patterns from scratch every time. Patented preset recording structure enables saving your camera motions and sharing.

Download a default or community preset on your app. Modify and apply it within seconds. Modified presets can be saved as new presets and shared with other creators.

System Features

  • Cloud-Based Structure

  • Sharing Custom Presets & Access to Community Cloud Library

  • Bluetooth Communication

  • Wireless Software Update

  • IOS and Android Support

  • Online & Offline Usable Application

  • Changing platforms (IOS to Android or visa versa) without shooting or losing targets

In-App Features

MacroRec Features Icon Design-03.png
MacroRec Features Icon Design-04.png



Creating constant, seamless and smooth camera motion has never been that easy and sustainable

Download the MacroRec app to your smart phone

Pair devices or create bundles according to your need

Create your motion with unique features

Save settings, targets and compositons to cloud. Share it with your team or access them from any device

How it works
rotary module5.1966_1.png

World Wide Delivery


Unibody Rock Solid Design


​30 Day Money Back Guarantee


6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminium


Durable & Quick Mounting Options

End blocks allow 3/8" and 1/4" mounting screws for tripods and light stands.


Top-mounted friction-free handles allow mounting sliders easy and fast. 

No more need to rotate sliders around tripods. 


Rock Solid & Angle Adjustable Holding

Cyber Pry holders are designed for robust holding capabilities. 


Forget the battery life, only chase your story.


Lock your V or Gold Mount batteries for seamless use and power up your whole system from a single battery.

Angle adjustable camera plate gives your freedom to adjust the camera angle during incline shots with build-in tension adjustable mechanism.

Cyber Pry mounting plate also has a 501 plate extension plate for industrial standard quick and secure mounting options.

Underslung Mode 

The height of your tripod or short legs of the slider is not an excuse anymore.

Find your best frame and use an underslung mounting approach for low-angle shots.

Underslung Mode is fully capable of working with Cyber Spin modules for the tilt axis.


Foldable & Covered Legs

Legs of Cyber Slide can be hidden when not necessary.

Foldable covered legs prevent moisture and unnecessary hazards from getting into the moving parts of the legs.


V Mount& Gold Mount Battery Support

V and Gold Mount type industrial batteries can be used to power up your system for extra long use.

High-end push-lock connectors enables reassured power cable connection

Even under extreme conditions stay safe with secured power connection.

While powering up your system with external batteries, internal batteries are charged for extended battery life.


Interchangeable Rods

Cyber Slide series support 42" and 24" versions of carbon rods and stainless steel rod types.

For extra durable sliding motions with high precision, stainless steel rails are the best option.

For a compact, lightweight, and portable setup carbon fiber rails are the advised solution instead of stainless steel rods.


Wide Stance with Bulls Eye

Extra-wide carrier with a large mounting area enables stable support to wide-body cameras with long cine lenses.

A stance also allows larger footing distance to get a more stable stance.

Integrated bull's eye helps you adjust the angle of the slider for perfectly linear motions.

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